Deacons serve the church by serving.

The men who set the example for service at Cottondale Baptist are biblically qualified (I Timothy 3:8-13) and minister to the congregation in three important areas:

  • They labor to meet various PHYSICAL needs such as benevolence; assistance with baptism and the Lord’s Supper; and accounting for the financial offerings of the church.
  • They PROMOTE unity in the fellowship by providing a listening ear; addressing questions or discontent from the members when appropriate; and referring concerns when necessary to the Pastor. All of this they do so that we might “have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind.” (I Peter 3:8)
  • They strive to PROTECT the ministry of the Word and prayer carried out by the Pastor. Our deacons understand that the Pastor needs to be in prayer and in the Word to discharge faithfully his calling to lead the church. They cheerfully undertake tasks (such as visitation, administrative work, etc.) which will free the Pastor to pray, to study, and to lead.

Adapted from A Display of God’s Glory by Mark E. Dever

We have some great deacons at Cottondale Baptist Church:

Harry Kepler provides security, wisdom, and lots of encouragement at CBC and Tuscaloosa Christian School.

Woody Sumner serves in numerous capacities behind the scenes, as well as out front in ministries like AWANA.

Tim McCrory handles lots of technical services, including video, and he is our point man for pro-life action.

Jimmy Pierce serves as a Bible teacher in our Sunday School, and he is our in-house creative consultant.

Scott Gann brings a wealth of theological clarity along with a commitment to Christ-exalting church health.

Tim Pierce is the definition of loyalty and commitment to CBC, and he is tireless (literally) in his labors.